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An Executive Summary


Why is Social Media Important?

  • It’s more human than main stream marketing
    It focuses on building rapport, something the financial services industry had typically struggled with
  • It’s where the cool kids are
    And LinkedIn is where the affluent are
  • It can level the playing field
    Any advisor can get started using social media, it’s free – sort of – not if you waste time not generating results

How does social media work best?

  • Disseminating your wisdom
    Is there a better way? No. It’s even better than face to face.
  • Gets you talking
    Social media inspires financial advisors because they realize they don’t need to be “writers” to get their wisdom out there – wisdom can be short and sweet, even borrowed sometimes

Tips to Leverage

  • Stick with networks and tools you understand
    Keep it simple enough to implement, that’s where the value is
  • Have great content
    Why would anyone read less-than-great content
  • Build your social profile
    Your profile isn’t just your summary, it’s how you engage people in discussion and share with them – it’s not about promoting, it’s about influencing
  • Create and manage your website and blog
    Your blog is really your content hub, it’s where most of your social media shares and discussions should originate from and lead back to
  • Use SEO
    Make sure to use keywords, tags and descriptions of your posts so you optimize search engine rankings. Don’t oversell, organic SEO is the best. Just take the time to do the little things.
  • Track engagement
    Make sure you can assess what content gets more views/downloads. You can then create more of the types of content people want.
  • Capture, Influence and Converts
    Once you have engagement, even the simplest, in fact preferably the simplest, you can start communicating with your audience more regularly, slowly building rapport and influence, eventually moving them closer to being loyal clients – engagement without follow up is a massive opportunity lost - massive