Pinnacle Wealth Advisors






 Brand discovery and clarity

 Organizing Pinnacle Financial Advisors' sales story into a succinct and compelling presentation


Why Tactibrand?:
Pinnacle Financial Advisors chose TactiBrand because of our knowledge of financial services and branding. They felt we had a very understanding of how to market a unique fee-only practice and that we'd get the true difference their firm offers it's clients.


Key Tactics:

 Simplify and articulate their fee-only planning and the benefits to their clients

 Organize value proposition to differentiate then as fee-only planners as well as their holistic approach

 Improve website experience and use website as client hub, not just for marketing purposes

 Tweak logo design to make it even more professional looking


Key Deliverables:
Brand Personality & Value
We helped PFA articulate their fee-only service and their holistic approach to financial planning. We summarized brand as Bringing Wealth to Life.

Professional Website with value added client resources

PFA wanted their site to speak directly to their prospects and clients. They wanted it to be visually and emotionally engaging versus having too much content. They also wanted the site to be a resource for prospects and clients to make it easier to work with PFA and have access to important information about the financial planning process.

Logo Design

We re-designed their logo making it sharper and better aligned. We also added their new tagline to complete the new look. We didn't push a new logo on them, we never do that to our clients. But we offered to improve it and they could accept and pay or not accept and not pay. We find this a very fair way to do business when clients feel they already have what they need but we know we can improve.

Print Collateral

PFA needed stationery, process one sheets, a brochure to hand out to other professionals' clients they work closely with and a PowerPoint template for their client presentation.

Branded Process

We developed two versions of the same clear process. PFA uses one version for individuals and professionals and the other for business owners. 


Client Website: