Fountainhead Wealth





• Brand discovery and clarity

• Organizing Fountainhead's deep and complex view of financial planning 


Why Tactibrand?:
Fountainhead Wealth chose TactiBrand because of our knowledge of financial services and branding. They stay with us because of our depth of talent and commitment to understanding them.


Key Tactics:

 Simplify and articulate their view on financial planning in an elegant and professional fashion

 Develop paper to tell the more detailed side of their story

 Improve website experience and use website as hub to bring people back

 Design image that is inspiring and engaging


Key Deliverables:

Brand Personality & Value
We helped FHWM articulate their views on financial planning and the benefit to their clients. We summarized brand into the pursuit of wealth actualized - a concept few advisors care to plan for and even fewer follow through with. The Pursuit of Wealth Actualization is the realization that wealth alone is useless and that meaning and purpose make wealth fulfilling, not how much.

Professional Websites with integrated blog

We developed compelling and visually appealing website to draw prospects and clients into the idea of wealth actualization. The blog is meant to engage them in stories to keep them coming back.

Logo Design

We designed a new, more colorful and inspiring logo for FHWM.

Print Collateral

FHWM needed stationery, profile sheets for their growing advisor base, a brochure to hand out to tax planning clients in their accounting division, and a whitepaper to tell their story further and to add credibility as to why and how they got here.

Branded Process

We developed a clear process FHWM uses with all clients to show HOW they help their clients pursue wealth actualized and what exactly wealth actualized might be for them.


Client Website: