SCF Securities




Key Challenge:

Build Broker/Dealer brand and improve image to foster recruiting high quality advisors and further developing SCF's image with advisors' clients

Why Tactibrand?:
SCF chose TactiBrand because of our knowledge of financial services and talented website and print expertise.

Key Tactics:

  • Further develop brand clarity and depth
  • Improve brand image to attract and retain high quality financial advisors
  • Improve website experience
  • Develop professional recruiting kit to for prospective advisors

Key Deliverables:

Professional Websites (1) for Recruiting Advisors and (2) for Advisors' Clients

We developed a website portal page that directed advisors and clients to the appropriate website.

Branded Process

Many financial professionals and institutions talk about the features and benefits of working with them; few talk about how they actually help their client's achieve success - their process. TactiBrand helped SCF uncover their unique value and package (articulate and design) it in a way that would resonate with their audience. For SCF, it's all about their impressive advisor transition process.

Print marketing material

We consulted on and designed many print marketing needs, how to keep costs low and how to retain brand consistency. These include stationery, brochure, presentation folder, PowerPoint template, advisor recruiting one sheets and more.

Client Website: