Key Challenge:

Brand clarity and buy in


Why Tactibrand?:
Selectpath chose TactiBrand because of our knowledge of financial services and branding. They stay with us because of our depth of talent and dedication to serving their unique team of 15+ professionals.


Key Tactics:

 Further develop brand clarity and depth

 Ensure brand consistency during fast growth (one of Canada's fastest Growing Companies for 6 years in 2000's) 

 Improve niche client website experience

 Manage marketing budget commitments


Key Deliverables:

Niche friendly website navigation
We developed a multi-tiered website for Selectpath and their diverse clients niches. This site includes brand building and specific sales tools to move prospects along the sales cycle. We also developed a resource area for employers, employees and clients to get more information about insurance, benefits and more.

Print marketing material
We consulted on and designed many print marketing needs, how to keep costs low and how to retain brand consistency.

Community Relations
We've consistently helped Selectpath showcase their commitment to community and their employees through email invitations, commitment to community flyer, magazine ads, and even an iPod app to manage health benefits.

Operational effectiveness
On occasion we've developed and/or researched technology solutions to improve marketing communication internally and externally. We helped them develop an internal marketing repository so their team could better understand what marketing material was available and how to access it.

Client Communications
We've help design and distribute custom holiday greeting cards, email newsletters, print newsletter, email invitations for seminars, webinars and client appreciation events.

Marketing Roll-out Meetings
On numerous occasions we've helped Selectpath present and promote new initiatives internally via onsite launch meetings.


Client Website: