Kirk Lowe


Position: Chief Branding Tactician

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For years, entrepreneurs and business owners have been told that Branding is about a name, a term or a symbol or logo. After all, the origin of the word comes from using a hot iron to "brand" a symbol on livestock.

Kirk Lowe, Chief Branding Tactician for TactiBrand challenges advisors and financial firms to consider the application of their brand and how to tactically achieve results. He tells his story without compromise to financial professionals, executives, and CEOs who want to listen.

"We don't live in the Wild Wild West and Branding is NOT about slapping your logo on your financial website and calling it a day. It's a commitment to fulfilling a promise to clients that your unique talent and value will serve and endure their unique needs." - Kirk Lowe

Kirk started his career in financial services, an industry ripe with old-school thinking about products, services and marketing. As an entrepreneur and founder of several successful business ventures, Kirk has connected with thousands of financial professionals helping them understand how to build their "real" brand. He helps them uncover who they want to work with, how they want to work with them and how to differentiate themselves in a market where financial services is perceived by the consumer as similar, as a mere commodity.

Although Kirk specializes in Financial Services, the principles he teaches apply to any service industry where positioning your offerings in an overcrowded market are critical to success.

One word of caution... going over your brand with Kirk can be unsettling. It's that queezy shake-the-cob-webs-out feeling you get before enlightenment. Some clients say it's like lying on the therapist's couch and soul searching what it is you truly want out of your business.

Kirk’s office is in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada where he lives with his wife of 15 years and their three young boys. He does his best to tread lightly on this earth and give back to the community. He founded a local farmers’ market now in its third year and he is the Ambassador of Fair Play for a youth soccer organization. He is an avid paddle boarder (on water) and paddle long boarder (on land).